Merry Seasonal Happy Greetings 365!

This year’s card was more difficult to produce than most. To make sure it could be folded properly we created and used an automated creasing tool. Check it out:

Here’s the tool in action on a real card:

Once it proved itself, it was time to really open the faucet and go into production mode:

I drew each panel about 2x the final size. This makes it much easier to add details and watercolor. The original card design was hand built and folded on a thinner piece of paper. You can see the folding pattern highlighted in sharpie marker. Dotted lines are “valley” folds, solid lines “mountain” folds. The image on the computer screen is the CNC “tool path”, aligned with the printed card. The crease tool follows that tool path to create a precise folding pattern. Once off the machine, there is still plenty of manual creasing and folding necessary.